Meeting papers

Agendas, minutes and supplementary meeting papers from past meetings of the St Martin’s Guild. Dates for upcoming meetings can be found in Guild Calendar

DateTypeAgendaMinutesSupplementary meeting papers
23 June 2024Standing CommitteeAgenda
19 May 2024Standing CommitteeAgendaUpdates
11 May 2024Business meetingAgenda
24 March 2024Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
28 January 2024Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
13 January 2024AGMAgendaMinutesOfficers' Reports for 2023Proposed rule changes - Jan 2024
7 January 2024Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
5 November 2023Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
10 September 2023Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutesProposed rule changes - Jan 2024
4 June 2023Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
16 April 2023Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
5 March 2023Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
22 January 2023Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
7 January 2023AGMAgendaMinutesOfficers' Reports for 2022
27 November 2022Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
9 September 2022Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
24 April 2022Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
30 January 2022Standing CommitteeAgendaMinutes
8 January 2022AGMAgendaMinutes
9 October 2021Business meetingAgendaMinutes
9 May 2021Business meetingAgendaMinutesTraining Day AdvertSocial Media and Online Policy
9 January 2021AGMAgendaMinutesOfficers' reports for 2020Review of 2020Tower survey 2020
3 October 2020Business meetingAgendaMinutesStanding Committee report
16 May 2020Business meetingAgendaMinutesStanding Committee reportTribute: Andrew StubbsTribute: John Conduct
11 January 2020AGMAgenda and noticesMinutesProposed amendments to Guild rulesProposed amendments to BRF rules
29 September 2019Business meetingAgendaMinutes
16 June 2019Business meetingAgendaMinutes
24 February 2019Business meetingAgendaMinutes
12 January 2019AGMAgenda and noticesMinutesOfficers' reports for 2018Proposed amendments to rules
23 September 2018Business meetingAgendaMinutes
15 July 2018Business meetingAgendaMinutes
22 April 2018Business meetingAgendaMinutes
11 February 2018Business meetingAgendaMinutes
6 January 2018AGMAgenda and noticesMinutesOfficers' reports for 2017New rules - final versionProposed amendments to rules