Oral history recordings

Details of recorded interviews with people discussing the history of Birmingham ringers and ringing. These interviews include a mixture of video recordings and audio-only recordings.

NameDateNotesYouTube link
Ainsworth, Alancirca 2012Audio recording of Alan being interviewed by Richard Jones.Alan Ainsworth
Anderson, John23 September 2020A relaxed conversation held on Wednesday 23 September 2020 in which John discusses Birmingham ringers and ringing from the 1950s onwards.John Anderson (Part 1)
Anderson, John7 October 2020A second conversation with John, held on Wednesday 7 October 2020. John discusses his time ringing in Birmingham and his involvement in the National 12 Bell Contest, and as President of the Central Council.John Anderson (Part 2)
Chaplin, George18 May 2004Audio recording of George being interviewed by Richard Jones. George was a long-standing member of the St Martin's band since 1946.George Chaplin
Cook, (Arthur) Peter2011/2012Audio recording of (Arthur) Peter Cook being interviewed by Richard JonesPeter Cook
Fearn, Henry9 November 1987Audio recording of Henry being interviewed by Richard Jones.Henry Fearn
Ivin, StephenSeptember 2009Audio recording of Stephen being interviewed by Richard Jones. Stephen Ivin
Reay, Muriel22 July 2004Audio recording of Muriel being interviewed by Richard Jones.Muriel Reay
Short, Alan1987/1988Part of an audio recording of Alan being interviewed by Richard Jones. Alan was a former ringer at Aston.Alan Short
Woolley, Bryancirca 2012Audio recording of Bryan being interviewed by Richard Jones.Bryan Woolley