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The St Martin’s Guild is led by a team comprising the Master, Secretary, Ringing Master and Treasurer. They are elected by the membership at each Annual General Meeting of the Guild; and they are supported by the other officers and officials.

Lists of past officers and officials can be viewed here.

Master: Eleanor Linford

The Master chairs all Meetings of the Guild, ensuring that decisions made by the Guild comply with statutory requirements and CCCBR Rules and Decisions.

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I have been ringing at St Martin’s since we moved to Birmingham in 2006 and have become more involved with the band at Moseley since ringing has restarted post-pandemic. Helping at Birmingham School of Bellringing sessions as a parent of a student has led more recently to becoming a tutor. Ringing has been my main hobby for nearly 40 years and continues to stimulate and delight; being Guild Master is a huge honour with a long list of eminent predecessors to live up to.

Secretary: Sand Cooper

The Secretary’s duties include recording minutes of Meetings of the Guild; dealing with correspondence; and informing Members of the dates, venues and business of the Guild’s Meetings and other activities.

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I was taught to ring at Solihull in the 1970s by a previous Master of the Guild, Tom Warner: it’s lovely to have this link to the past. I joined the Guild soon afterwards but moved away as a teenager. It was good to come back to my ringing home though some years later. I love teaching new ringers and get a real buzz as they gain confidence. Since I stopped working I have found time to challenge myself again and have rung at more towers and arranged ringing for myself through the ‘Three Events Challenge’.

Ringing Master: Phil Ramsbottom

The Ringing Master is responsible for organising ringing practices, quarter peals, peals, and other ringing events to further the purpose of the Guild.

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Telephone: 07971 009689

Having joined the St Martin’s Guild in 2013, I quickly found myself organising ringing activities ranging from elementary theory sessions up to entry level quarter peals on higher numbers for the benefit of helping ringers to progress. Along with many others I also teach at the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing which was founded at around the same time. I take great pleasure in helping ringers to discover new and different ways of learning the many facets of this wonderful ancient craft.

Treasurer: Tracy Stevens

The Treasurer keeps an account of the income and expenditure of the Guild; prepares an annual statement of the accounts; maintains the Guild’s insurances; and maintains a complete register of all Members of the Guild.

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I learnt to ring in October 2008, requiring a new hobby following a sporting injury. I soon became hooked by the art of campanology. I ring at Harborne where I am also Assistant Tower Captain and in 2011 I became the Guild’s Treasurer, a position I enjoy. I have also completed the ITTS Modules for teaching bell ringing and am a full member of the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART)