Peal records

Illuminated Peal Books

The St Martin’s Guild library houses a beautiful set of handwritten and illuminated peal books. These books form a complete record of all Guild peals from 1755.

Colour scanned images of sample pages from these books can be viewed here.

Black and white digitised copies (taken from microfilm) of the first five Guild peal books can be viewed by clicking the links below. Note that some documents may take a little while to load:
Volume 1 – St Martin’s Youths, 1755-1880 (PDF – 52MB)
Volume 2 – St Martin’s Society, 1881-1888 and the Holt Society, Aston, 1882-1888 (PDF – 14MB)
Volume 3 – St Martin’s Guild, 1889-1902 (PDF – 30MB)
Volume 4 – St Martin’s Guild, 1902-1923 (PDF – 39MB)
Volume 5 – Birmingham and District Association, 1882-1894 and peals rung at St Philip’s Cathedral, 1937-1949 (PDF – 9MB)

If any member wishes to view the original impressive volumes, please liaise with the Guild Archivist.

Recent peal reports and analysis

The following lists of individual reports provide full details of all peals rung for the St Martin’s Guild in recent years. The reports dated 2005-2020 were extracted from the website. The reports dated 2021 onwards were extracted from the website. These reports provide full details of all Guild peals rung since 2005. Each report is available as a PDF document below.

2023 SMG peal report (PDF – 135KB)
2022 SMG peal report (PDF – 136KB)
2021 SMG peal report (PDF – 88.7KB)
2020 SMG peal report (PDF – 126KB)
2019 SMG peal report (PDF – 328KB)
2018 SMG peal report (PDF – 314KB)
2017 SMG peal report (PDF – 294KB)
2016 SMG peal report (PDF – 304KB)
2015 SMG peal report (PDF – 181KB)
2014 SMG peal report (PDF – 179KB)
2013 SMG peal report (PDF – 299KB)
2012 SMG peal report (PDF – 318KB)
2011 SMG peal report (PDF – 211KB)
2010 SMG peal report (PDF – 335KB)
2009 SMG peal report (PDF – 324KB)
2008 SMG peal report (PDF – 225KB)
2007 SMG peal report (PDF – 344KB)
2006 SMG peal report (PDF – 207KB)
2005 SMG peal report (PDF – 362KB)