Composition records

For very many years, St Martin’s Guild members have been involved in cutting-edge developments in method design and peal composition.

From innovations in Stedman Triples, Caters and Cinques compositions in the 19th century, to the development of cyclic Maximus compositions in more recent years, Birmingham is widely recognised as a centre of excellence.

The compositions of many Guild members can be found on external websites, but the Guild does maintain it’s own record of new compositions rung in Guild peals since 1990.

These compositions can be accessed as PDF documents via the links below.

SMG Minor compositions (PDF – 350KB)
SMG Triples compositions (PDF – 430KB)
SMG Spliced Triples and Major compositions (PDF – 324KB)
SMG Major compositions (PDF – 360KB)
SMG Caters compositions (PDF – 406KB)
SMG Royal compositions (PDF – 381KB)
SMG Cinques compositions (PDF – 493KB)
SMG Spliced Cinques and Maximus compositions (PDF – 359KB)
SMG Maximus compositions (PDF – 479KB)
SMG Sextuples compositions (PDF – 320KB)
SMG Spliced Sextuples and Fourteen compositions (PDF – 300KB)
SMG Fourteen compositions (PDF – 318KB)
SMG Septuples compositions (PDF – 320KB)
SMG Spliced Septuples and Sixteen compositions (PDF – 320KB)
SMG Sixteen compositions (PDF – 331KB)

Miscellaneous collections of compositions

Stephen Ivin – Compositions of London Surprise Major: 48 peals with introductory notes (PDF – 11MB)