York – Guild Outing

York outing poster Oct 19

We are suggesting the following trains:

8.03 from New Street to York (arrives 10.23)
18.35 from York to New Street (arrives 20.27)

If you book via the National Rail website, I’d suggest buying two advance singles. Tickets are currently £31.80 each way, so it is a total cost of £63.60 (a return ticket is currently slightly more expensive at £68.30).

However, I would also advise you to “split your ticket”. If you go to https://splitticketing.trainsplit.com and put in the details, you will find the total cost of both tickets is £43.80. This is a perfectly legal way of saving money on your train fares because the site splits your journey into smaller, cheaper, legs. However, when you print out your tickets you will find you will have separate tickets for your journeys (in this case, you will have three tickets – Birmingham to Derby, Derby to Sheffield, then Sheffield to York). You stay on the same train.

Obviously ticket prices are subject to change (and will probably increase), so I’d strongly advise you book now. If you are concerned over the cost, please get in touch with myself, Simon, Clare or Tracy before the next Guild meeting on September 29th. I can’t make any promises now, but none of us would like train ticket costs to prohibit someone from coming.

Before October, we will need names of those intending to come. So if you could drop me a quick email once you have booked your tickets it will help us to plan arrangements accordingly. Obviously you may choose to make other travel arrangements – not a problem at all, but still let me know you intend to come.

Looking forward to what I’m confident will be an excellent trip.