The 133rd Henry Johnson Commemoration Dinner

While COVID has stopped all play on ringing association dinners across the country, some Guilds, including St Martin’s, have moved into virtual territory to preserve anniversaries.

The 133rd Henry Johnson Commemoration will therefore be celebrated with an event on Saturday 27 February 2021, through the magic of Zoom. This is the date as originally scheduled, so it should be in your
calendars already!

The online event will be much shorter than our usual celebration, with an 8pm start and lasting approximately 45 minutes, but it will be a blend of light entertainment, history and handbells, not to mention another opportunity to see friends, albeit in their little video boxes. The event will also serve as a marker for when we can hopefully hold the dinner ‘proper’ in 2022.

While we cannot have our dinner served in a grand location, we can offer the opportunity to share the same menu at home. Picking up on other similar events, please see an optional three course menu detailed in the programme below. Whilst we have not provided recipes, I think you will easily be able to find these, or similar, on the internet or in well-thumbed recipe books. In the case of the soups, I believe both options come in a can!

So whether you want to push the boat out with best bib and tucker and fine home dining, or you would rather be in your pyjamas with a tub of popcorn, we hope that you will join us for the commemorative occasion and the important toast to Henry Johnson.

To book please follow the link to the Eventbrite booking page.

Bon appétit!