Other Officers and Officials

Archivist: Mark Eccleston

The Archivist’s duties include the safekeeping, preservation and curation of the Guild’s library and archive collections.

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Safeguarding Officer: Trish Everett

The Safeguarding Officer’s duties are to ensure that the procedures of the Guild comply with the safeguarding guidelines issued by the CCCBR, the Dioceses, and legal requirements; as well as providing guidance and assistance to Members regarding Safeguarding issues.

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Telephone: 07968 362501 or 0121 449 1088

Public Relations Officer (PRO): Kirsty Gifford

The Public Relations Officer’s duties include the promotion of the best possible image of bell ringing, bell ringers and the Guild to the general public.

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Henry Johnson Dinner Secretary: (Standing Committee)

The Dinner Secretary organises the annual Henry Johnson Commemoration Dinner.

Newsletter Editor: Andrew Brown

The Newsletter Editor compiles, and distributes, regular newsletters detailing Guild news and activities.

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Central Council Representative: Richard Andrew

The Central Council Representative act as a point of contact between the Guild and the CCCBR.

Webmaster: Mark Eccleston

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Guild’s website in a timely and effective way.

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Trustees (Bell Restoration Fund – BRF): Don Finnemore and Tony Daw

Two Trustees in whose names, along with the Master and Treasurer, all the funds and assets of the Bell Restoration Fund are vested.

General Fund Trustees: John Fielden and Arthur Reeves

Two Trustees in whose names all funds and assets, other than the Bell Restoration Fund, are vested.