Online training sessions: week commencing 8 June 2020

Wednesday 10 June 2020 7pm: Stedman Part II

Mark will present a follow up to last week’s training, the session will begin by going through the answers to the below quiz. If you could try and complete it before Wednesday, it’ll give us a chance to see areas that people still need support on. We also know that going through answers to questions helps to consolidate our understanding.

All of the answers are available in David’s presentation/powerpoint from last week’s session. This is available on the Guild website under ‘Teaching and Resources’. The quiz link is here – good luck!

Saturday 13 June 2020 10am: Tower Stewardship

Jonathan will deliver a session on tower stewardship and considerations for bands moving forward from the current situation.

How can I attend these sessions?

Those signed up to the Guild mailing list will receive an email with Zoom Meeting IDs and passwords. If you have not received an email, and would like to attend, please contact the Guild Ringing Master.