Young Change Ringers Association (YCRA)

We are keen to draw your attention to the formation of a new association – the Young Change Ringers Association (YCRA). The association has been set up to support and mentor young ringers: it is non-territorial and open to anyone young enough to handle a bell up to the age of 30. They aim to be an association for young ringers, by young ringers. There is a mentoring scheme whereby “older” members will mentor younger members (by old, we mean those members up to the age of 30!). Their website is here:

If you are a young ringer, or know a young ringer, we’d like to encourage you to look further into the YCRA and consider joining. There is a subscription cost of £15 per year. However, the Guild would not want money to be a barrier to anyone joining so please speak to one of the officers and we would hope to be able to offer a subsidy to young people who may otherwise struggle to join. All such requests will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

We hope many young people will consider joining this exciting venture.