Monthly update – October 2023

Surprise Ringing
Saturday 7th October – Edgbaston St Bartholomew

Eleanor is now arranging quarter peals with 5:30pm and 7:00pm starts focusing on London, Bristol, Lessness and Cornwall as single methods and spliced if there is sufficient interest. Please contact her at if you are would like to be involved in future months.

Kent Treble Bob Minor Workshop
7:30pm Wednesday 11th October – Birmingham St Paul’s

A theory and practical workshop on ringing touches of Kent TB minor. Please get in touch if you’d like to come along or would like to know a bit more about the evening. Phil Ramsbottom via

City Centre Tower Open Day
Saturday 14th October

Ringing in the afternoon 1:30pm St. Chad’s RC Cathedral, 2:30pm St. Martin’s in the Bull Ring and 4:15pm St. Paul’s in the Jewelry Quarter. All members are welcome as are more recent learners and recruits, with plenty of experience on hand to help in whatever way necessary. There is also a socialising opportunity for all ages in The Bull afterwards from 5:30pm. Any non Guild members interested in coming are asked to contact Phil Ramsbottom via

Special Practice
7:30pm – 9:00pm Wednesday 18 October – Sheldon

Treble Bob Hunt Minor and Forward Minor. (Possibly as preparation for Kent Treble Bob Minor.)
If you are interested in attending this workshop or are able to help out, please contact Margaret Burling via

Midweek Open Ringing
10:15am – 11:45am Thursday 19th October – Moseley St Mary

All members welcome, ringing from rounds and call changes upwards depending on who attends. Tea/coffee and cakes at half time, bring some pennies!

Higher Numbers practice
7:30pm Wednesday 25th October – Solihull

All welcome, come and explore ringing on 10+ with lots of support for those less experienced.

Cambridge Minor Workshop
7:30pm Wednesday 25th October – Birmingham St Paul’s

Tidying up Cambridge minor is the theme for this theory and practical workshop. If you’re not quite solid with Cambridge, then this is for you, so please get in touch and come along. Phil Ramsbottom via

Looking slightly further ahead…

Guild AGM
Saturday 13th January 2024

The time and location of the meeting will be shared soon but, in the meantime please mark your calendars ready.

100 Club results
The results for September were previously advised but in case you missed them…
1st No. 27 Jen Hickman £49.00
2nd No. 95 Paul Bibilo £14.70
3rd No. 50 Tracy Stevens £4.90

Guild Newsletter
Sadly, you’ve missed the deadline for the next edition which will be with you soon but, Andrew is always happy to receive material for future editions. So, if you have anything to share please forward it to Andrew via