Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

The insurance policy renews on :  27th August each year

The Guild has Public Liability insurance for itself and its members.  The policy covers “legal liability for injury to the public or damage to their property.”  Such liability could occur for instance if a learner under instruction by you is injured due to your negligence.  It would cover injury to non-members while travelling on a ringing trip, e.g. taking learners on an outing (if not covered by a motor policy).  It would cover the cost of defending an allegation of abuse.  It would cover damage to a building, e.g. a church hall caused by a Guild event, or members damaging a church they were visiting to ring.  It is not a Personal Accident policy, so it does not cover injury to yourself (which is normally covered by a household insurance policy).  The indemnity limit is £2,000,000 any one claim, with an excess of £250.

The Policy is the “Community Group Connect” policy from Ansvar, covering up to 500 members of the St. Martin’s Guild. Ansvar is a general insurer specialising in insuring not-for-profit organisations and connected individuals.  It is a business division of Ecclesiastical Insurance.

Documentation can be found here on the Ansvar Website

The Treasurer holds a copy of the Schedule of Insurance.